IB Engineering GmbH is your competent partner for planning and completion of production lines, plant units as well as complete plants

In the area of process engineering and mechanical engineering we put our emphasis on

  • consulting services
  • pre-investment studies (e.g. analysis of raw material)
  • planning
  • engineering
  • monitoring of implementation and commissioning
  • experiments and testing
  • obtaining of operating licenses for production facilities incl. IPPC permits.

We offer custom-made solutions

We develop innovative engineering solutions based on our customers’ needs and requirements. Our own innovative technologies and equipment can optionally be combined with conventional technologies (such as gas furnace) in specific sections.

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Equipment and Technology for Recycling Mineral Waste

Statement of the Problem The production of mineral wool and boards from it is associated with the accumulation of a large amount of industrial waste. At the spinner alone, 10% to 20% of melt does not turn into fibers and accumulate in the form of slag pieces, shots and large fibers. Taking into account all […]



One of the most pressing topics in the production of mineral wool is the recycling of waste and off-grade raw materials . During the production process, several groups of waste are generated. They can be initially categorized into resinous waste and non-resinous waste. The first group includes such waste as “shots” from the centrifuge, strip […]



The new inductor was tested. Remarkable vertical distribution of temperature was achieved. The maximum difference of temperature amounted to 100°C. The aim of next stage is to replace the generator. The optimization of the generator frequency toward its considerable reduction will allow to achieve a similar horizontal distribution of temperature.



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IBE production technology is an innovative method of manufacturing mineral wool products from basalt raw material. Compared to conventional production methods, the IBE process has a significantly higher efficiency. Mineral wool fibers produced in this …