Eco-friendly innovations

Reduced CO2 emissions und air pollution

Well-known disadvantages of conventional cupola furnaces are high consumption of fossil fuels and high emission levels. Unlike the manufacturers of stone wool products using coke or gas in the melting process, IBE production line utilises the energy of AC electromagnetic field for the melting of raw materials. This helps to minimize direct emissions of CO2. Moreover, the emissions of other contaminants, such as fine particulate matter еmissions or SO2 can be avoided.
The energy of electromagnetic field is also being used in the subprocess of drying/curing within the IBE production line. As compared to conventional methods applying hot air, IBE technology allows to reduce the energy consumption at this stage as well.

Improved binder formula

Formaldehyde and VOC emissions can cause health effects, such as irritation of mucous membranes, headache or nausea. Hence increasing attention is being paid to the use of low-emission construction materials. Thanks to a new binder formula with low content of phenol and formaldehyde the insulating materials manufactured in the IBE production line meet high demands for a healthy living environment.

Low-waste technology

Low-waste product design primarily implies the in-plant recirculation of materials and recycling of waste, e.g. of edge off-cuts and fibre dust). In the IBE production line the cut and crushed edges of mineral wool fleece as well as fiber dust are being collected and melted again.