A well-structured business concept is essential not only during a start-up phase of an enterprise, but also throughout all planned steps of its development and optimization. A properly developed business plan provides a thorough and systematic estimation of the company’s development prospects. The starting point therefore is a market analysis including the analysis of perspectives of market development (the so-called situation analysis). Its aim is to explore external factors, such as economics, politics, social culture, technology, etc., on the macrolevel, and to define the players and parties involved. A business plan also includes

• a definition of specific orientation of the company’s activities, its target markets and locations,
• a description of the company’s long-term and short-term goals,
• an outline of the company´s strategy and tactics to achieve its goals,
• a description of the goods produced, and services offered by the company,
• a definition of production plan with a description of production technology,
• an outline of marketing activities,
• an assessment of the human resource needed to achieve the targets set,
• estimated costs,
• an assessment of the company’s financial framework and its consistency with business objectives.

Developing a production technology should precede the elaboration of a business plan. This is an important aspect, especially for the enterprises intending to pursue their development on the so-called intensive way (see publication by IBE “Efficiency Through Technology”). The development of production technologies is a fundamental process, because it affects the speed of the company’s development. Both for specifically elaborated technology (know-how) and for standard technology, the following issues must be considered in a business plan:

• a description of materials to be used,
• a scheme of production process,
• a presentation of investment concept, and
• an assessment of investment principles made by a certified expert.
For cost estimate, a calculation of production costs (performed works, services) per unit of production (output) is being drawn up. This calculation is necessary to define production costs and the break-even point.
Based on the analysis and calculations done, the deadlines are then being set and the investment volume is being determined.

IBE assists you in your efforts to develop productions technologies, to assess the materials planned for production, as well as to elaborate your entire business concept.

Our consulting services comprise:

⇒ drawing up a business plan,

⇒ developing production technologies,

⇒ planning of production lines,

⇒ planning of complete plants,

⇒ human resource planning,

⇒ assessment of production materials,

⇒ advice on sales and distribution.

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