Fiberizing & Felt Formation

The fiberizing and felt formation system developed by IBE allows to adjust the density and thickness of felt as well as binder percentage in every single felt collection chamber. Thanks to multiple collection chamber system the so-called multi-density panels can be produced.

Conventional Fiberizer & Felt Formation

Typical operation principle:

  • rotating wheels with cross air stream
  • injection of binder via nozzles
  • felt collection on a drum, a triangle or in a long chamber


  • binder losses (overspray)

IBE Fiberizing & Felt Formation

  • binder-free fiberizing
  • transport of fibers via tubes
  • separation of fibers from airstream in collecting chambers
  • cleaning of waste air in conventional bag filters
  • non-pressurized discharge of fiber
  • injection of binder during the felt formation


  • lower binder losses (no binder in exhaust air)
  • better separation from non-fiberized melt parts (shots)
  • lower pre-compression of primary felt (12-15 kg/m³ instead of 18-25 kg/m³)
  • homogenous density distribution

Multiple collection chamber system

  • variably adjustable density, thickness of felt, binder and binder percentage in every collecting chamber
  • multi-density panels can be manufactured by combining multiple collection chambers