Our company offers the whole range of services for production of continuous basalt fibers, glass fibers and composites. Our offer includes pre-project studies, engineering, manufacturing, installation, technical and administrative support as well as staff training.

Along with production lines for continuous basalt and glass fibers we supply equipment for manufacturing of basalt and glass fiber composites:

  • production lines for basalt and glass plastic reinforcement,
  • production lines for reinforcing grids and road grids,
  • devices for manufacturing of basalt chopped fiber 
  • production lines for basalt roving
  • production lines for flexible connections and bent elements
  • production lines for anchoring shaft lining.

The basis for production of composite products is continuously drawn endless basalt fibers (BCF) and continuous glass fibers.

For our production lines we are using the latest technology based on the principle of induction melting, which allows to obtain high-quality fiber at optimal cost.

The capacity of production lines IBE-UBF1500-ZYS200A2 for manufacturing of continuous basalt fiber amounts to 800 to 3,000 t/a.

We are offering modular melting furnaces as well as large melting units with multiple spinneret plates.

In modular industrial plants, small oven units are installed using slot or nozzle spinneret plates. Modular technology is characterized by relatively low initial investment, the ability to start up quickly and a smooth increase in production capacity. In addition, modular ovens can be individually commissioned, and the operation of each oven can be stopped without significantly affecting the technological process in other ovens and product volume. The commissioning of a modular oven unit takes place within 1 to 2 hours.

The main components in the production of continuous basalt and glass fibers are: preparation of raw materials, melting and melt transfer to feeder, formation of fibers by means of platinum-rhodium spinnerets, lubricant application, winding and drying.

Our plants are equipped with specially developed drying and polymerization chambers using the latest patented heating technology (dielectric drying). They can be applied at the stages of drying and polymerization in manufacturing of the whole range of products.