Drying/Curing Chamber

Unlike conventional hardening furnaces, the IBE drying and curing system operates on the principle of dielectric drying. The main advantage of this method is a homogenous warming-up of the mineral wool fleece made possible by a high-frequency alternating electric field applied at material with according properties.

Conventional drying/curing is done with hot air:

  • The air flows through the panel.
  • In case of high thickness of panels and high densities this principle gets to its limits (heating of an insulator).
  • Outer zone is hardened first, the core determines the process time.

Alternative technology: dielectric drying

  • energy input via condenser plates
  • homogenous warming up of the product across the entire cross-section
  • utilization of reaction energy (exothermal process energy)


  • lower energy consumption
  • less space required
  • modular construction
  • no cooling zone needed